Discovering 'YOUR' True North

Discovering Your True North 🧭❤️🧭

In a society which is certainly plagued (in ways) by technology, smart phones, and social media, it is surprising that more and more people are feeling lost in a world that has never been so easy to connect with others. More individuals question what he or she should be “doing” and are feeling as if they are just going along for the ride called Life. 

Influence is everywhere, and social media is geared for this. However, with so many people and organizations trying to influence individuals, clearly one can see why finding a sense of self and direction are difficult. I am not talking about general direction here, where you find ‘north’ with a physical compass. I mean figuring out who YOU really are. What YOU are meant to do and are happy doing. Where YOU are supposed to be. Who YOU are supposed to be with.

Strip away all the influence and listen to your inner sense, those gut feelings…LISTEN TO YOU. That is your inner compass guiding you. Trust it and see where it leads you. Discover what your calling and purpose are in life. Seek peace, happiness, and clarity. Learn to listen and follow YOUR TRUE NORTH.


~ Mindy

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